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Hi there, it’s Angelina here…

I absolutely love dogs (even more than myself)

Author of Dogs o Cat
Author of Dogs o Cat

My friends and I rescued Oreo from the cold streets of the United States. Someone dumped Oreo

I am always overjoyed whenever I see a dog, and my friends have noticed this 

It even got a little annoying at one point since I was talking about dogs the entire time.

Author of Dogs o Cat
Author of Dogs o Cat

“Hey Angelina, you’re like the Dogs and Cats. Everyone comes to you for advice. Then why don’t you start a site about dogs and cats and share your experiences with the World?”

I was scared. My face probably looked like this.

In the days that followed, though, I began to think about it more and more. It was like the “Matrix Moment” for me…

After a long time. I decided to create a site. Where I post all the information about Dogs & cats and finally, that day become when I started a website with my friend’s help (she’s both a website designer and a copywriter).

Author of Dogs o Cat
Author of Dogs o Cat

Why is your website called Dogs And Cat?

This is a funny (and silly) story…

Here’s the thing:

A group of friends and I went on vacation to Turkey, Where I found dogs and cats everywhere. They were adorable.

On this trip, I discovered that I love cats just as much as dogs. Finally, I realize.

How can I help you today?

You can find out more about any breed by selecting it (or click here for an FAQ about dogs in general).…

“But Angelina, I still want to learn more about you…”

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