Are Pomeranians Hyper? & Train your Pomeranian Not To Be Hyper??

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All dogs have their personalities, so Pomeranians are no different. Pomeranians are highly active and like to get into trouble. You’ve probably heard they are hyper, mellow, loners, or those who want to be with their family all the time. They are brilliant and active pups, but are Pomeranians hyper? 

Are Pomeranians Hyper?
Are Pomeranians Hyper?

Are Pomeranians hyper?

A Pomeranian is a small dog with a lot of energy. Although some people label them “hyper,” they need a lot of exercise. Pomeranian dogs are brilliant and can be pretty easy to train, but they need lots of attention and stimulation. If you are considering getting one, exercise and stimulate them as much as possible.

Can you train your Pomeranian not to be hyper?

It is possible to train your Pomeranian not to be hyper. You can use several techniques, such as positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, and classical conditioning, to accomplish this. 

When your Pomeranian behaves calmly, you will reward him. If he behaves hyperactively, you will punish him. In classical conditioning, hyperactivity would be associated with something unpleasant, like loud noises.

Can you train your Pomeranian not to be hyper?
Can you train your Pomeranian not to be hyper?

Is Pomeranians easy to train?

A Pomeranian is a small, intelligent dog that is relatively easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are quick learners, but they can also be stubborn and willful. It is essential to prepare them with patience and consistency. For Pomeranians to become well-rounded, well-behaved pets, they need early socialization and obedience training.

How do you tell if a pomeranian is hyper or not?


Why do Pomeranians have an undercoat?

To determine if a Pomeranian is hyper or not, there are a few key factors to consider. 

Step: 1

You can tell if a dog is hyper by observing how energetic it is. For example, if the dog is constantly running around, barking, and never seems to tire, it is likely to be hyper.

Step: 2

Another way to tell whether a Pomeranian is hyper is by looking at its sleeping habits. If a Pomeranian sleeps very little and is always active, even in the middle of the night, it is likely to be hyper. 

Step: 3

Pomeranians that are hyper are likely to be more vocal as well. Observe the dog’s behavior to see if it is restless. Hyper Pomeranians run and jump constantly. 

Step: 4

If they are very active and playful, they may always be running and jumping around, making a lot of noise.

Step: 5

They may react in a certain way if they are quickly excited or startled.

Step: 6

You may find that your Pomeranian is always on the go and unable to sit still for long periods. You may have a hyper puppy if you see any of these signs.


Finally, you can ask the dog’s owner if the dog is hyper. The owner may be able to tell you, based on their behavior, whether the dog is nervous.

What to do when you have no time to play with your Pomeranian?

Playing with your Pomeranian can be difficult when you are busy, so try some of these activities instead:

What to do when you have no time to play with your Pomeranian?
What to do when you have no time to play with your Pomeranian?
  • Make sure they have to to chew toys or bones to gnaw on to keep themselves entertained.
  • To keep them mentally stimulated, giving them a food puzzle toy is a good idea.
  • You can set up an agility course in your backyard or home.
  • Taking them walking or running for a long time is a good idea.
  • For socialization purposes, having a play date with another dog is a good idea.
  • Ensure that you provide your child with plenty of toys so they can play with them independently. 
  • Your Pomeranian can be walked or played with while you are away by a dog walker or dog sitter. 
  • The best way to keep your Pomeranian socialized is to take them to doggy daycare, where they will play with other dogs. If you have other pets in the house, you can also ask a friend or family member to play with them while you are away.

Should Pomeranians be shaved?

No, Pomeranians shouldn’t be shaved. Even though their thick fur may seem hard to maintain, it keeps them warm in the winter and protected from the elements. Shaving a pomeranian would make it vulnerable to cold weather and could potentially cause them to become ill.

How did Pomeranians evolve

How did Pomeranians evolve
How did Pomeranians evolve

During the late 1800s, the first Pomeranian dogs were brought into England from the Pomerania region of northwest Poland and northeastern Germany. It is believed that they originated from a variety of other small dogs, including the German Spitz, the Italian Volpino, and the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. They were bred in this region and were first brought to England from there. 

They were originally much larger dogs, but they were bred down to their current size in the early 1900s, which made them one of the most popular small breeds of dogs in the world today despite their larger size at the time.

Related Questions:

Is Pomeranian high energy?

It doesn’t matter how small they are. Pommies have a medium level of energy that shouldn’t be underestimated. They should get at least an hour of physical activity per day, including walks and playing with toys. Additionally, they should be able to run freely every day (and they don’t need much room to do so).

Are Pomeranians known to be aggressive?

Pomeranians are known for their fiery personalities, but when they are raised with proper socialization, they are not more likely to become aggressive than any other breed of dog.

Do Pomeranians like to be picked up?

There is no doubt that Pomeranians are cuddly, affectionate, and affectionate dogs. They are fond of belly rubs, petting, and cuddling with their owners. Most of them enjoy being coddled by their owners and hugging them.

Are male or female Pomeranians better?

You might want a female Pomeranian if you want one less needy, independent, and way more intelligent than the other dogs. If you want a fun-loving, playful companion, maybe you should get a male Pomeranian.

How often do you have to cut a Pomeranian’s hair?

You must wonder how often you and your pup will take your dog to the groomer when its fur is as fluffy as a Pomeranian’s. In NYC, Ani Corless, the owner of Luxury Groomer, recommends grooming every four or six weeks at a minimum for dogs with any coat other than smooth.


Pomeranian breeders for over 18 years, we have seen a variety of Poms, from the hyperactive to the lazy. We have witnessed Poms with a lot of energy and Poms who prefer to snuggle on the couch with you. Even though Pomeranians aren’t known for being hyperactive, there are some things you can do to help your puppy become a well-balanced puppy.

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