Why Is My Dog Licking My Other Dog’s Ear?

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Why is my dog licking my other dog’s ear? Find out why your dog licks each other’s ears and if this is normal. You can learn more about dog ear licking positions and what they could mean here.

It seems strange at first glance. It’s happened to all of us; we see our dog licking another dog’s ear and assume he messed with his ear, or maybe he’s trying to remove wax from our ears. Dogs are known to be very affectionate animals. Humans and other dogs appreciate their affection towards them. There is also the practice of dogs licking each other’s ears, which can make us feel confused. We will cover the reasons why dogs lick their friends’ ears in this blog post.

Why Is My Dog Licking My Other Dog's Ear
Why Is My Dog Licking My Other Dog’s Ear

Why is my dog licking my other dog’s ear?

There are several reasons why your dog might lick another dog’s ear.

Show Affection:

You can tell that your dog is trying to show affection to you. Dogs are known to lick each other’s faces when greeting or showing that they care for each other. 

Pay Attention:

The dog in question is trying to attract the other dog’s attention in the house. When the other dog is doing something, your dog wants to do, licking the other dog’s ear might help get the other dog to stop and pay attention to your dog instead. 


Your dog may be licking the ear of your other dog. The reason that this might be happening is that your dog might be grooming. When dogs come into contact with each other, they often lick each other’s coats to clean and maintain them.


Your dog is trying to show respect or submission. Animals in the wild often lick each other to show their respect.

Likes Taste:

The dog may enjoy the taste or smell of the ear of your other dog. It is generally harmless if your dog licks your other dog’s ear occasionally, regardless of the reason.

Why does your dog do this?

There are a few reasons why your dog may lick the ear of your other dog for whatever reason. 

  • Your dog is trying to show affection to you. It’s normal for dogs to lick each other to show respect, so your dog may be just trying to show you some love. 
  • It appears that your dog is trying to get the attention of your other dog. When your other dog is doing something your dog wants to do, you might also be able to get their attention by licking their ear. 
  • Your dog may be trying to clean the ear of another dog. There is an instinct for dogs to clean dirty things, so if your other dog’s ear is dirty, your dog may be trying to clean it out.

Why do dogs lick each other’s ears?

The dogs are known to lick each other’s ears for various reasons. 


This is one of the reasons why it feels good to do it. Dogs have many nerve endings in their ears, and when they are licked, it can feel like a very pleasurable experience.

Showing Love:

It’s a way to show affection. As a way to greet each other or show that they care, dogs often lick each other’s faces. This is another way they show they care for each other by licking each other’s ears.


A dog may be cleaning the ears of another dog. Dogs are naturally inclined to clean and groom themselves, and their canine companions are no exception. The licking of the other dog’s ears might be an attempt to clean them if their ears are dirty.


The act of licking might also be used as a form of communication since dogs use it to ask for something or show submission. There is no doubt that dogs enjoy licking each other’s ears, and it is a behavior that is likely to continue for a long time to come.

Why do dogs lick each other's ears
Why do dogs lick each other’s ears

Is this behavior normal for dogs?

Yes, this behavior is perfectly normal for dogs. Licking is a way for dogs to show affection since they are social animals. It is usually a sign of love between dogs to lick each other’s ears.

You may be trying to get attention, or it could signify affection. It might also be a way for the dog to get a better scent of the other dog since dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Sometimes it may also be an indication of dominance. The dog’s constant licking of the other dog’s ears could indicate an underlying health problem, such as allergies. A veterinarian should be consulted if you’re concerned about your dog’s licking behavior.

The medical issues behind why your dog may be licking your other dog’s ear

There are a few reasons your dog might be licking your other dog’s ear. 

One possibility:

There is an ear infection in your dog. Dogs often suffer from ear infections, which allergies, bacteria, and yeast can cause. Your dog may lick his ear to soothe the itching and discomfort caused by an ear infection.

Another possibility:

If your dog is removing dirt, wax, or debris from your other dog’s ear, he’s trying to do so from that dog. You might also find that your dog enjoys the taste of the other dog’s ear or finds the act of licking soothing or relaxing. Consult your veterinarian if your dog’s excessive ear licking bothers your other dog or if it seems to be causing discomfort.

How do stop dogs from licking each other’s ears?

Step: 1

You can stop your dogs from licking each other’s ears by taking a few simple steps. 

Step: 2

You can train them not to do it. This can be accomplished by teaching them a cue such as “leave it” or “don’t lick.” You will need to be consistent and only use this cue when they are licking each other’s ears. 

Step: 3

You can also prevent them from licking each other’s ears by using a physical barrier, such as a spray bottle of water or a piece of furniture. This will make it unpleasant for them to lick each other’s ears and eventually discourage them from doing so. 

Step: 4

If you are interested in using a taste deterrent, you can use Bitter Yuck! If you want to stop your dogs from licking each other’s ears, this is an effective and safe method.

What to do when a dog starts licking?

Toy or Treat:

The best thing to do if your dog starts licking you is to distract it with a toy or a treat so that you can stop it. 

Clean him:

You may want to provide a doggy shampoo and brush if the dog is licking itself so that it can groom.

Returning the favor:

 The dog may be showing you affection by licking you, in which case you could return the favor with a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ear.

Move Away:

When the dog licks something else in the house, it could be trying to clean or mark its territory. In this scenario, you might want to try moving the object or designating a particular area for the dog to lick.

Dog’s muzzle:

You can gently hold the dog’s muzzle and say “no” in a firm voice if the dog continues to lick. Make a loud noise to interrupt the licking behavior.

Is it a good or bad sign?

When determining if dogs licking each other is a good or bad sign, there are three things to consider.

First Way:

I will begin by examining the context of the licking. A playful beating between the dogs is likely a good sign. However, if the loss is happening more aggressively, that is a different story.

Second Way:

Dogs’ relationship with each other. Liking is likely a sign of affection between friends or family members. However, licking might indicate submission or dominance if the people are strangers.

Third Way:

When determining whether licking is a good or bad sign, observing the dogs’ body language and tone is essential. It’s probably a good sign if the dogs seem relaxed and happy. You should be aware if they appear tense or aggressive.

why does my dog keep licking my other dog’s ears?

The following are some possible reasons your dog might be licking the ears of the other dog:

1. Grooming: It is common for dogs to groom each other to maintain social bonds and to keep clean. Dogs groom each other by licking their ears.

2. Dominance: A dog may attempt to assert dominance over another dog by licking the ears of its opponent to demonstrate its dominance.

3. Attention seeking: Your dog may be licking the other dog’s ears to get your attention or interact with them if they are constantly licking the other dog’s ears.

4. Medical issue: Your dog may be suffering from a medical issue if he is constantly licking another dog’s ears without any apparent reason. The other dog may be suffering from an ear infection or some other issue, and your dog may be trying to help by biting them. It’s important to have the other dog examined by a veterinarian in this case to determine the cause of the problem and to get the appropriate treatment.

How to stop your dog from licking my other dog’s ear?

Your dog probably enjoys the taste or sensation of another dog’s ear if it licks it. As a result, this can be unpleasant for the other dog (and their owner). You can prevent your dog from licking another dog’s ears by taking a few simple steps.

1. Break Association:

If your dog associates licking with pleasure, break that association. It would be best if you offered them a negative cue (such as ‘no’ or ‘leave it’) as soon as they begin to lick another dog’s ear. Your dog will eventually learn that licking is not something they should be doing with enough consistency.

2. Provide Source:

Make your dog’s licking experience more enjoyable by providing an alternate source. They can have a lickable treat or toy if they are not around other dogs. If they are not allowed to lick other dogs’ ears, they can redirect their licking instinct.

What does it mean to be licking?

A person licking their lips or an animal licking its fur usually comes to mind when we think of licking. But what does it mean to lick something?

The action of Drawing:

The act of licking involves the movement of one’s tongue across a surface. Depending on its use, it can be used to clean, taste, or show affection. We deposit saliva on something when we lick it, which contains enzymes that can break down the food and make it taste better.

Being Affectionate:

You can also consider licking to be grooming. It is for cleaning and getting rid of parasites lurking beneath an animal’s fur that it licks. Also, licking is a way to demonstrate affection. Dogs that lick their owners’ faces show their love for them.

Therefore, next time you see someone licking their ice cream cone or cat, remember that it’s more than just a simple act of enjoyment. It serves a variety of purposes.

Why do dogs lick inside your ears?

There are many reasons why dogs lick. Dogs do so to keep their eyes clean and to detect when their owners are returning. They are fond of licking hands. It is an expression of affection. Dogs might lick your ears because they enjoy the taste or simply because it feels good. Dogs think of faces as part of their pack and will lick ears as part of their pack behavior. When your dog licks your ears, he tells you he likes you and is a part of your pack.

Why does my dog lick my ears in the morning?

There are a variety of reasons why dogs may lick your ears. There might be something stuck inside your ears, or the dog may be trying to clean your ears. Alternatively, the dog could be licking your face because it’s happy to see you, but it could also indicate stress. It is always a good idea to rule out any underlying health concerns when a dog starts licking your face.

Why is my dog licking my other dog’s ear infection?

The sense of smell in dogs is not very good. It is a simple sign of affection to lick each other’s ears. As well as sharing food, they do it to soothe themselves when hurt.
For example:
To find comfort, your dog may lick the other dog’s ear if it has an ear infection.

Why does my dachshund lick me so much?

To show affection, Dachshunds like to lick their owners. She is showing you how much she loves you by doing this. The problem with excessive licking is that it may cause sore skin and can become annoying. Ask your vet to check for a medical condition if she persists in wanting to play with her toys or chew on her favorite bone.


If your dog is licking its ear, you might wonder why it is doing so. There are several possibilities. Depending on the context, it could be a sign of affection, a symbol of dominance, or a sign that something is amiss. This is why dogs lick the ears of other dogs.

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