Why Do My Dog Sleep On My Clothes?

Weird and beautiful places are where dogs sleep. Why do my dogs sleep on my clothes? Are dogs attracted to the smell of their owners? Find out in the following article.

There has always been a cozy spot for animals to snuggle up in. Dogs usually sleep on dog beds, but sometimes they like to sleep on our clothes. Although our clothes are cozy and comfortable, does this mean our dogs think we are their bed? 

If you have a dog bed next, your pet can sleep on the bed with you. Dogs usually do not use dog beds if they can sleep with their owners. Because of their pack-oriented nature, they do not wish to be separated from their family. Depending on whether it helps them sleep, dogs may also sleep on your clothes. We will examine why my dog sleeps on my clothes and what I can do about it.

Why Do My Dog Sleep On My Clothes
Why Do My Dog Sleep On My Clothes

Why do my dog sleep on my clothes?

Owners and dogs have a powerful bond. While you’re not around, they love to lay on your clothes to show their love. This may seem like a strange habit, but it is very typical.


By nature, dogs are affectionate creatures. When a dog feels the need to be close to its owner, it will first lay on its owner’s clothing dog will do whatever it can to apply on the clothes, regardless of whether they are on the floor or a chair. Dog behavior is expected in this situation. Aside from the warm feelings it provides, there is also a psychological aspect to it.

They can also be very protective of their owners, and by laying on their clothes, they know that they’re nearby so that they can protect them. When you lay down on your clothes, you release endorphins that make them feel happy and content. You can easily remember your fun times with your dog wearing these clothes.

Why do dogs sleep with clothes?

Dogs may sleep with clothes for a variety of reasons. 

  • They may enjoy the scent of their human and find comfort in it. 
  • Dogs may feel secure in the fabric of the clothing. 
  • Some dogs may also enjoy the clothes for the simple reason that they provide a bit of warmth.
  • The fact that so many dogs enjoy cuddling up with a piece of their owner’s clothing demonstrates how much they enjoy being pampered.
Why do dogs sleep with clothes
Why do dogs sleep with clothes

What makes dogs sleep on your clothes?

Your dog greets you every time you arrive home from work. Do you ever notice that he often sleeps on your clothes? This is for several reasons.


Your dog probably feels comfortable in your clothes because they smell like you. Your clothes may also be attractive if you have been outside in the cold.


Your dog feels secure and at home when it sleeps on your clothes. After all, they’re close to the one they love the most!

Why do dogs sleep on certain people’s clothes?

There are a few reasons why dogs might sleep on some people’s clothes. 

  • The clothes smell like their owner, and the dog is seeking comfort in the clothes. 
  • I am wearing warm clothes, and my dog looks for a cozy spot to curl up. 
  • It is common for dogs to like to sleep on soft things, and people’s clothes are among the most popular. 
  • From time to time, it’s evident that dogs enjoy snuggling up to the clothing of their humans.

Dogs were sleeping with objects.

Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet, and everyone loves them. Their owners always count on them for help and companionship. 

Feel at ease:

Most animal behaviorists agree that dogs often sleep with objects to comfort themselves and feel safe. Dogs often sleep in groups for safety in the wild due to their origin as a species that depended on each other for survival. 


Dogs now sleep with stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows. If your dog sleeps with a favorite toy, you provide a secure environment for him. The toy is a source of comfort for the dog, and it always knows that the toy is there for it.

How can you get rid of your dog’s bad habits?

Patience and consistency are essential when it comes to training. There are ways to prevent your dog from adopting bad habits, but you must be patient and consistent to see results. Teaching the correct behavior and rewarding the proper behavior is the key. The correct behavior of dogs is rewarded, just as it is for humans, and the wrong behavior is punished for helping them stay on the right path.
For example:
As a substitute for barking, give your dog a treat every time they bark if you want your dog to stop barking. Therefore, they will learn that barking will not get them what they want and stop barking.

What to do when dogs sleep on your clothes?

It’s not unusual for dogs to sleep on clothes. Dogs tend to have favorite spots, whether it’s your clothes, a couch, or a chair.

 Here are a few tips to stop your dog from sleeping on your stuff.

A place to sleep:

You should provide your dog with a bed to have a proper place to sleep. 


Put your dirty clothes in the hamper when ready to wash them. If your clothes are in the hamper, they won’t be tempted since they don’t understand that their sleeping spot is dirty.

How to train your dog to keep off clothes?

Teaching a dog to stay off clothes takes a lot of effort. As intelligent creatures, dogs will be able to learn the process quickly. To ensure that you follow the steps correctly, you should follow them carefully.

Stay off:

It would help if you chose a dog treat that your dog dislikes. Dogs do not like garlic, so giving them pleasure will encourage them to stay off their clothes. Ensure that the dog can see you working and that he is not on the floor.

How to get your dog to stop sleeping on your clothes?

Initial Step:

How to get your dog to stop sleeping on your clothes

You can do a few things to discourage your dog from sleeping on your clothes more often than you’d like.

Step: 1

How to get your dog to stop sleeping on your clothes

Your dog should have a bed to sleep in to be comfortable. In the absence of a bed of its own, your dog may prefer the comfort of your clothes.

Step: 2

How to get your dog to stop sleeping on your clothes

Your dog shouldn’t be able to reach your clothes. When your dog cannot achieve your clothes, it will be less likely to try and sleep on them. 

Final Step:

How to get your dog to stop sleeping on your clothes

Do not punish your dog if he sleeps on your clothes. Rewarding him will only give him more anxiety and may make him repeat the behavior. You should instead remove your dog from the clothes and provide it with a more appropriate place to sleep.

Why do dogs sleep on clothes at night?

When dogs sleep on clothes at night, there are a few reasons for this. 

  • A softer surface makes them feel more comfortable while sleeping. Dogs love curling up on clothes because they provide just the right cushion. 
  • The scent of their owners is often found on their clothes, which can be comforting for dogs.
  • During the night, dogs can keep warm if they sleep on clothes.

How do you prevent dogs from eating clothes?

There are several reasons why dogs eat clothes. You may find it quite challenging to keep your puppy from getting into your dirty laundry, especially during the first few months of its life. Here are some helpful tips for preventing your dog from eating your clothes.
Make sure your door is ringing. Put your clothes in a room that your dog can’t access. When you’re away from home, keep your clothes out of reach.

Why do dogs chew on clothes?

Dogs chewing on clothes can indicate aggression, dominance, or boredom. Find out why dogs chew on clothes. Dogs don’t chew on clothes because it’s fun. This is a way for them to express the mix of emotions they are experiencing. It could be aggression, dominance, or boredom.

Which steps should prevent dogs from chewing?

There are many reasons why dogs chew on your clothes, but they usually do it because they are bored or because they like the way it smells. To fix the problem, you can do several things. 

  • Leave a chew toy or something similar for the dog to play with. Offer a treat if the dog is full.
  • Don’t forget to give your dog enough attention! Social animals and dogs need love and affection just as much as we do. It should be enough to play fetch, take a walk, or cuddle on the couch. Remember always to love your dog; he will love you back.
  • Bite-sized treats to keep your dog’s mouth busy, and their toys keep them from biting you.
  • You can keep them occupied by walking them as much as you can. Dog toys are also an excellent way to keep them entertained.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps on your clothes?

The scent of your body also gives your pet a feeling of safety. Your pet may also exhibit this behavior due to his love of soft things. No matter how dirty or clean the clothes are, they give your dog a soft, cushiony spot to rest. Softness combined with your scent creates a reassuring environment for your dog.

Should dogs sleep in clothes?

Pajamas can provide warmth and comfort when a dog isn’t feeling well and needs something to soothe his sensitive skin. To prevent sunburns and over-drying, dogs without fur should wear lighter PJs.

How do dogs choose who to sleep with?

The dog is a pack animal and loves to sleep with its pack. The more tightly they are bundled, the more warmth and protection they receive since they are provided by snuggling together. You will probably want to sleep near your dog if he considers you the pack’s leader.

Do dogs sleep with the alpha human?

Humans should not sleep in the same bed as dogs with alpha issues. Dogs in this position are alpha dogs. It’s best to keep your alpha position by laying the doggie bed beside you on the floor. Dogs that show signs of forgetting their place or are aggressive must follow this rule.

Do dogs sleep with their favorite person?

Dogs can play favorites even though they love everyone in the family. Maybe you’ve noticed this already if you’re part of a large family. It seems that your dog loves hanging out with a particular person. Furthermore, he will sleep with one of the others and cuddle with another.

Why is my dog just sleeping so much?

Alterations in sleep patterns can lead to many diseases and age-related problems. Napping during the day is also a common symptom of separation anxiety and stress. A dog that sleeps 12 or more hours a day is usually not a problem. This is normal.


There are many reasons why your dog sleeps on your clothes. You may have asked yourself that question as well. Dogs often sleep on your clothes because they are worn by their owner, the person they most love. They can detect smells that are familiar to them and can catch them. Sleeping on your clothes allows them to become familiar with your scent, making them feel safe and secure. Try to sleep in the same room with your dog if your dog loves to sleep on your clothes, so they get used to your scent, and hopefully, you’ll have more space in your bed once they are used to it!

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