Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes?

If you’re wondering why your dog sleeps on your clothes, it could be for a number of reasons. It could be that they’re trying to keep warm, they’re comfortable, or they just like the smell of you. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that they enjoy it! Here are why does my dog sleep on my clothes.

As dog owners, we love spending time with our dogs but one of our most common frustrations is when they sleep on our clothes, especially when those clothes are clean. If you’ve ever asked why my dog sleeps on my clothes,

Why does my dog sleep on my clothes?

The reason why your dog may sleep on your clothes is due to a few different factors. 

  • If your clothes are soft and comfortable, they can provide your dog with a cozy place to rest while he or she is playing.
  • It is possible that your dog simply enjoys the warmth that your clothes provide for him. There’s no doubt that your dog enjoys spending a lot of time on your clothes, for whatever reason.
  • Dogs are very attuned to smell, and your clothes are likely to smell like you. When you are not around, your dog may take advantage of sleeping on your clothes in order to feel close to you when you are not around. 
Why does my dog sleep on my clothes?
Why does my dog sleep on my clothes?

Why do dogs love to sleep on your clothes?

Why do dogs love to sleep on your clothes?

There is something comforting about your clothes that makes dogs want to sleep on them, as well as the smell they give off. Dogs love being close to you because their clothes provide them with security and comfort. Dogs also feel calm and relaxed when they smell your clothes.

How is your dog’s sleeping habits may impact their health?

How is your dog's sleeping habits may impact their health?

The health of dogs depends on quality sleep, just like that of humans. The health of some dogs, however, may be negatively impacted by their sleeping habits. An overweight dog or one with joint problems may be more likely to develop obesity if it sleeps too much during the day.
In contrast, dogs who do not get enough sleep may be more prone to anxiety or stress. It is therefore important to ensure your dog gets the right amount of sleep for their age, breed, and level of activity. To find out if there are any health concerns associated with your dog’s sleep habits, speak with your vet.

How can you prevent your dog from sleeping on your clothes?


How can you prevent your dog from sleeping on your clothes?

In most cases, you probably don’t want your dog to sleep on your clothes if you’re like most people. It is possible to prevent this from happening by doing a few things that you can do. 

Step: 1

To begin with, make sure that your clothes are clean and free of dog hair. In this way, your dog will not find them as appealing as they once were. 

Step: 2

The second thing you should do is to make sure that your clothes are stored in a place where they cannot be reached by your dogs, such as a closet or a high shelf. 

Step: 3

Last but not least, you should train your dog to sleep in his own bed. It is possible to keep your dog off your clothes and out of your way with a bit of patience and effort.


How can you prevent your dog from sleeping on your clothes?

You should also make sure that your dog has plenty of other comfortable places to sleep, such as a soft blanket or pillow. As long as you follow all of these steps, your dog should have no problem finding a comfortable place to sleep that is not on your clothes if you do all of these things.

How to get my dog to sleep on his bed?

To get your dog to sleep on his bed, there are a few things you can do to get him to do so. 

Comfortable Bed:

Make sure the bed is inviting and comfortable. In your home, place it somewhere quiet and cozy. To make the bed more appealing to your dog, you may want to add a blanket or toy. 

Positive reinforcement:

Encourage your dog to use the bed by giving him positive reinforcement. You could reward your dog with treats, pet him or her, or praise him verbally. 

Be consistent:

Be consistent in your expectations and ensure everyone in the household is on the same page. Dogs will be confused and less likely to sleep in their beds if they see you allowing them to sleep on the couch one day and scolding them the next.


When he lies down on his bed, give him treats or a favorite toy to encourage him to sleep there. To make the bed more inviting, rub it down with your hands. Putting a blanket over your dog’s bed can make it feel more like a nest if he is resistant to sleeping there.

What is the science behind why dogs love human clothes?

What is the science behind why dogs love human clothes?

There’s a science behind why dogs love human clothing! When clothes have been worn, a dog’s scent is strongest, and they are drawn to the scent of their owners. You are likely to have your dog come over and sniff you all over when you put on a shirt or jacket you have worn before. They are trying to get as close to your scent as possible because they are picking up on your scent.

As well as being comfortable and familiar, dogs love wearing human clothes. They feel secure and comfortable wearing clothes that their humans have worn. The moment you put on a piece of clothing that your dog loves, they are likely to curl up next to you and relax with you.

Why does my dog lay on my dirty laundry?

The smell of your clothing can be found in any pile of clean or dirty clothes. It is the sense of smell that dogs are most drawn to, so items that smell like you are attracted to them.

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom?

It is likely that your dog follows you into the bathroom because of their animal instincts and pack mentality. As a result, these dogs are called Velcro dogs, because they want to stay by your side at all times. Protecting a part of their pack may require them to follow you around.

Why does my dog sleep against me?

When you own a dog, it views you as a member of its pack. As a result, your dog may want to lie close to you in order to provide warmth and protection you. There is often a protective or defensive posture in dogs even if there is no active threat.

Do dogs sleep with their favorite person?

Do dogs sleep with their favorite person?

There are times when dogs can play favorites among the members of the family even though they love everyone. It is likely that you have already noticed this if you have a large family. There appears to be someone your dog enjoys hanging out with more than anyone else. Another cuddle buddy and a sleep buddy will also be chosen.

Why do dogs put their bum toward you when sleeping?

When dogs sleep, they face their bums towards their owners because they love and trust them. Your pup will also feel safe in this position because he knows you’ve got his back. In addition, some dogs will do this in order to leave their scent on you.

Do dogs sleep all night?

Dogs sleep both during the day and at night, unlike humans, who usually sleep only once a day. During the course of a 24-hour day, dogs are believed to sleep anywhere between 10 and 12 hours, depending on what research has shown.


Sleeping on your clothes is a way for your pet to mark his territory. The way they feel is shown by their bodies since they can’t express it to you verbally. You should pay attention to your pet if you see him sleeping on your clothes.

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